Soil Treatment Solutions

True Sustainability for a Circular Economy

If you are a large-scale producer of utility construction waste, road dig material or working a brownfield site, then Allstone Speedy Skips can help minimise unnecessary waste to landfill. With our innovative aggregate treatment plant we can recover up 85% of all material taken to our facility and produce quality aggregate materials for re-use in construction.

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Recover, Recycle, Re-use

The need for soil remediation has increased significantly due to the ever increasing demand for urban housing. Brownfield sites are increasingly being used as locations for redevelopment opportunities and the Allstone Soil Hospital solution is here to help.

Highly effective in the separation and recovery of construction waste and soils

A sustainable alternative to multi-treatment or landfill disposal processes

Produces high-quality washed aggregates for re-use in the construction industry

Reduces your projects carbon footprint and protects our natural resources

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