Skip Hire Waste Types & Usage Terms

Except as otherwise defined herein and except where the context requires otherwise, words and expressions defined in the General Terms and Conditions set out in Part A above, shall have the same meanings when used in these terms and conditions. 


  • Bin any skips, hook bins, compactors, general refuse bins, bags or other containers used for the transfer of Waste. 
  • Depot any of the Supplier’s waste transfer stations, incorporating the yards, sheds, processing areas and offices.  
  • Recyclates ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cardboard, paper, newspapers and pamphlets, wood, plastic, glass and other such materials that are recycled from the Waste. 
  • Site Rules the site rules displayed at the entrance to each Depot, on the Weighbridge and in the Depot offices. 
  • Tare the unladen weight of a Vehicle. 
  • Ticket the Controlled Waste Transfer Note produced by the Weighbridge. 
  • Vehicle any vehicle (and attached trailer if applicable) used for the transportation of Waste or Recyclates. 
  • Waste any material brought into the Depot by the Customer for disposal or loaded onto a Waste Transport vehicle. 
  • Weighbridge refers to any of the Weighbridges at the Supplier’s Depots. 


  1. The Site Rules must be followed by all visitors to the Supplier’s Depots. Failure to follow these rules will lead to offenders being asked to leave the Depot. 


  1. The Supplier will maintain a central database of Customer’s Vehicles to include registration number, Tare and Bin type. 
  2. From time to time the Supplier will ask the Customer to weigh the Vehicle unladen to confirm the Tare. 
  3. Where Vehicles carry different Bins, various Tares will be recorded for each registration number. 
  4. An electronic Ticket will be produced and sent to the designated email address on the Customer account. Where electronic tickets are not possible, a multipart printed Ticket will be produced with the top copy handed to the Vehicle driver. Both an electronic and printed Ticket will show the gross Vehicle weight, the Tare, the net weight of the Waste, the Waste type, the site reference, the Vehicle registration number, the Customer and the Weighbridge operator. 
  5. For account Customers, invoices will be raised periodically detailing all Services for that period. Copies of the Tickets will be attached to the invoices. 
  6. The Customer will be charged for Restricted Materials (condition 4) and Cross-Contamination (condition 5) at the prevailing rates. 
  7. Weighbridge rates are per tonne or per load, as detailed in the Order. 
  8. Where the Waste description provided by the Customer is subsequently found to be incorrect, the Customer will be given the option of collecting the Waste or agreeing to the change of Waste description, if a change in Waste description is permitted.
  9. The Weighbridges are checked and recalibrated annually. 
  10. Title to the Waste passes to the Supplier upon issuing of the Ticket. 


  1. Restricted materials which will not be accepted by the Supplier without the Supplier’s prior consent include:
  • Fridges and freezers;
  • Tyres;
  • Paint cans, solvents, mastic tubes;
  • Televisions, monitors or other electrical equipment;
  • Asbestos;
  • Clinical and medical Waste;
  • Florescent tubes;
  • Aerosols or gas bottles;
  • Tree roots;
  • Telegraph poles or sleepers;
  • Liquids, including oils;
  • Batteries or acids;
  • Persistent organic pollutants (POPS), including without limitation; sofas, armchairs and cushions;
  • Hazardous or toxic materials.


  1. Where Waste is received pre-sorted and is subsequently found to be contaminated with other Waste materials, the Supplier will charge the Customer a clean-up charge at the prevailing hourly rate. If the contamination is a result of hazardous or non-permitted Waste, the Customer will be asked to remove that Waste immediately.


  1. The Supplier warrants that at all times, it will have in place an appropriate Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence and an Environmental Agency Waste Carriers Licence.
  2. The Supplier’s drivers shall be persons competent in, and licensed for, the operation of the Vehicles. The Supplier is at all times responsible for ensuring that the Vehicle complies with all applicable regulations. 
  3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer is responsible for the loading of the Vehicle and the Supplier is responsible for the unloading of the Vehicle. 


  1. Where the Customer collects the Recyclates from the Depot, risk to the Recyclates passes to the Customer upon loading onto the Customer’s Vehicle. 
  2. Where the Supplier delivers the Recyclates to the Customer, risk to the Recyclates passes to the Customer on the unloading of those Recyclates. 
  3. Title to the Recyclates passes to the Customer upon payment of the Supplier’s invoice for the Services. 
  4. All Recyclates are charged by weight unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
  5. Recyclates are sold as seen unless otherwise agreed in writing. 


  1. Asbestos disposal is to be booked with the customer service team prior to arrival at the Supplier’s Gloucester depot.  
  2. The asbestos must be double bagged or wrapped, then sealed and labelled using appropriate Asbestos disposal equipment. If the asbestos is not correctly bagged or wrapped then the Customer will not be allowed to use the service.  
  3. Asbestos must not be broken on site or handled in any other way than stated in clause 8.2. 
  4. Users of the service must report to the Weighbridge for instructions on where and how to dispose of the asbestos. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including dust masks and gloves must be worn. PPE will be provided if requested. 
  5. The Customer will be supervised at all times whilst using this service. 


  1. Where the Weighbridge is used to weigh a Vehicle only, the weight given is in no way guaranteed or certified. 


  1. The Customer will provide all information required by the Supplier to conform to current Duty of Care legislation. This will include, but is not limited to, waste description, European Waste Code (EWC) and site license details for all relevant sites. 
  2. Any change in the description of waste as specified in the Duty of Care statement must be immediately notified to the Supplier in writing in advance of any such change to enable an updated Duty of Care statement to be prepared. 


  1. Where requested to do so by an authorised statutory body the Supplier will release details of the Customer’s Tickets to that statutory body. The Supplier may be instructed to keep the release of such information confidential and not to inform the Customer. 


  1. The Business Customer warrants that at all times, it will have adequate and appropriate insurance in place to fully indemnify the Supplier for any acts of the Business Customer’s employees, representatives or agents whilst at the Depot or, if applicable, loading a Waste Vehicle. 
  2. The Supplier may request evidence of this insurance at any time and refuse the Business Customer access to the Depot or to load a Waste Vehicle until such evidence is produced. 
  3. All incidents, no matter where fault lies, must be reported to the Weighbridge or the Depot offices before leaving the Depot. 


  1. Depot operating hours vary by Depot. For current operating hours please refer to the Supplier’s web site: or contact the customer services team. The Depots cannot operate outside of these hours.


  • The Supplier warrants that it will at all time have in place appropriate Environmental Agency Waste Management Licenses for each Depot